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Friday, May 11, 2018

Sharing, Community and Encouragement - Rural Treasures

If you live in the city then you might get on with your neighbors, of course you might not, but the likeliest scenario is that you won’t know if you like them or not because you’ll hardly ever interact!  What a contrast with the countryside (and we’re not talking super rural here, we’re talking around 30 minutes from the CBD).  

The Bugle

We heard about the little known West Auckland tradition of call and response bugle blowing, the more expected but none-the-less generous habit of produce sharing but most of all; constant encouragement, knowledge sharing, humour, mucking in, taking the mick and acceptance.  If you live in a rural community then maybe these are things you take for granted, as one who doesn’t, these are things I treasure (Linda - Field to Fork at the Good Doctor)

Our Hosts
What a lovely opportunity to host the Slow food team at The Good Doctor, Wairere Farm.  Often our life on the lifestyle block is a roller coaster through jobs, ideas, helping others and making the most of opportunities.  Hosting the event enforced a break and a breather to think over and culminate all that we have done and achieved over the last seven years.

It was a pleasure to see people listening to tales of our lifestyle journey and enjoying food and wines that we have have produced on the farm.  I have since reflected on the question we were frequently asked on the day - How do you do it all?  And I think I have the answer we work happily together and with people around us to do the bit we do best and we fit the bits together to enhance all our lives and ensure our food is well raised and grown and utilised. 

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