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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Surprising what you can grow on a quarter of an acre.....Two fabulous women!

When Andrea told us about meeting Helen and Bron at Terra Madre in Turin and shared their inspiring story of a small village farm - we got excited. And the excitement grew when we realised we would be able to visit on our South Coast Aussie holiday!

Yvonne at the farm

Wynlen House Slow Food Farm in their own words:
"Wynlen house is the name of our very small farm or micro farming enterprise located on a large village block (just under 1.5 acres or about 1/2 a hectare) in the village of Braidwood in the Southern Tablelands.  It is a small organic four season, cool climate, slow food farm selling produce (vegetables and meat) all year to consumers."

Bron cleaning garlic

Growing Australian garlic and supporting other small growers is a big focus - as is education and sustainability. I got a whole new insight  in to the key role small producers play in food security and sustainability - two tons of produce from a quarter of an acre. It was sobering to hear the challenges that small producers are facing in Australia and how the support is given to the big "boys" -  right down to growing bulk tomatoes in the desert at the expense of  "local" food and producers.

Helen and Yvonne on the garden tour

Morning tea and getting to know each other (and Lorraine from Canberra) was followed by a tour of the garden and we got to meet the chickens and the ducks. Wynlen House truly embodies the  Slow Food principles of good, clean and fair and supporting everything local.

Glorious local garlic 

It was very interesting to see first hand the the intensive, companion planting  that makes the high yields  sustainable and possible. We have taken on board some ideas for our small garden. 

Intensive companion planting

The garden produces a broad range of produce with 45kg a week being harvested at peak times. The food is picked and sold locally in Braidwood within 24 hours.

The garden tour

Helen and Bron are very involved in the Canberra Slow Food Convivium and got to experience the  "big picture" when they were delegates at Terra Madre  in 2016.
It was fantastic to be with women who love good food, who are "walking the talk" and fighting for for good, clean and fair!

The farm ducks


Helen Lynch said...

EXcellent blog - really enjoyed your visit!

Penny Neuendorf said...

Wonderful write up for two glorious women.


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