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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Slow Tofu

This was a wonderful lunch, every dish was made with tofu, from the appetizers to the dessert. Three Japanese ladies worked in the kitchen to serve an amazing array of dishes, served with sake, to eight diners. All the ingredients were high quality, the tofu handmade by Eri with organic soy beans, and many of the vegetables came from Kazuyo's garden. Gochiso sama deshita!

Tofu based appetizers on arrival. Eri preparing our lunch.

Look at the pretty quail egg dressed like a Japanese princess!

Chilled handmade tofu with ginger, beets in tofu paste, tofu and mushrooms in parchment paper, and deep fried tofu in sweet and sour sauce.

Marinated daikon salad with usuage tofu and orange dressing, chrysanthemum  and other greens with black sesame and tofu paste, tofu mazzaball miso soup, fragrant rice with burdock and shitake.

Green tea tofu cake with kanten and pickled cherry blossom.

Photos  by Alessandra Zecchini © 


Alessandra said...

Thank you Kazuyo, what a wonderful event :-).

bunnyHF said...

Thank you for coming and writing such a nice blog so quickly!
It was a lot of fun.
I like the neme "Slow Tofu"

Now Serving said...

lovely event!


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