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Monday, November 2, 2009

350 Climate Change Action Day

Photos by Mimmo Diana

Swanson, October 24

350 represents the parts per million of carbon dioxide that we earthlings are able to tolerate in our atmosphere without serious problems. The level is now 387ppm. YES! That’s right we are over the safe limit.

Slow Food Waitakere’s Claire, Mimmo and Karen spent a few hours at the Swanson 350 day after being invited by the organisers. We were part of a worldwide movement of over 5200 events in 181 countries to bring the world’s attention to the increasingly unsafe levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Our mission for the day was to promote the message of Slow Food and Terra Madre. We gave out strawberry shortcakes filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries and polenta savouries with fresh herb and cheese topping. We even gave out seeds and seedlings of a range of vegetables.

We were very well received and got some wonderful responses from some very interesting people.

We are quite confident that those in West Auckland who came to visit us are now aware that Slow Food exists and the concepts of growing food, supporting local growers, teaching these concepts in schools, saving seeds, and eating good, fresh food are concepts worth adopting. There are more people out there than we think who are interested in living in a sustainable way and having fun doing it. We were glad to be part of this special day.

Karen Perri

Slow Food Waitakere was invited to participate in a global day of raising climate change awareness.

Karen, Mimmo and Claire joined a number of local sustainability and environmantal groups at Swanson Staion and park. It was a glorious day and numerous families arrived to enjoy the live music, participate in circle dancing, hear from a number of speakers and add their pledges for personal climate change action in the form of ribbons to a tree.

We set up a small table with SF literature and gave away summer seedlings for people to plant.
Karen made polenta which she fried on the spot and topped with a delicious cheese and herb topping .It was the first time many people had tried polenta and was well suited to those eliminating wheat from their diet.

Claire made tiny shortcakes to her mother's recipe and served them with cream and fresh strawberries grown in the Henderson Valley.

It was a day of sampling and talking about food and knowing where it comes from , making connections and enjoying one of the first blazing days of summer.

Claire Inwood

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